Friday, May 6, 2016

Chinese Medicine for Insomnia, Nightmares, or Fitful Sleeping

The acupuncture with Chinese herbal remedies can bring relief to patients with chronic insomnia, nightmares, and even sleep apnea.
The Chinese medicine physician understand the imbalance of energy, or qi can caused frequent dream, insomnia, worries, stress, anxiety, poor sleeping habits etc.
The most effective course of treatment for insomnia is a combination of acupuncture and a Chinese herbal formula, which should be incorporated into the patient’s diet.

Pairing an herbal remedy with regular acupuncture treatments is critical for success. A series of thin needles are used to apply pressure very carefully to specific points along the surface of the skin. Clinical studies have shown that acupuncture helps release extra neurotransmitters into the central nervous system, including serotonin which regulates sleep patterns. As a result, acupuncture can be used to improve the quality of sleep without the sluggish side effects associated with most sleeping pills.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Pain management

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) way of Pain management for :
headaches ,pain of the face, neck, shoulder, upper limb, chest, back, lumbar and lower limbs, soft tissues and joint pain, pain due to peripheral nerve entrapment syndrome and peripheral vascular pain.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pain management is done with a combination of acupuncture, Tui Na and herbal medication where necessary. Acupuncture clears blockage within the meridians and strengthens the flow of energy and blood; it restores the healthy balance of Yin & Yang, hence alleviating pain. World Health Organization has recognized that acupuncture has been proven, through controlled trials, to be an effective treatment for various conditions such as facial pain, headache, knee pain, low back pain, neck pain, periarthritis of shoulder, postoperative pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, sprain, tennis elbow etc.

Can TCM Pain Management Help Me?
A range of conditions from acute to chronic pain including:
Cervical spondylosis
Join dislocation (for adults & children)
Lumbar muscle strain
Post-herpetic neuralgia
Tennis elbow
Trigeminal neuralgia
Intercostal neuralgia
Lumbar disc herniation
Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis
Stiff neck
Various ligament injuries, sprains or soft tissue inflammation

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Friday, April 29, 2016

New Product -- Herbal SP Cream ( for skin pigmentation Melasma / Freckle / Uneven skin tone)


Title : Remove dark spots by Chinese herbs.
Safe, effective and do not damage your skin.
Improve 99% of dark spots problem.

99% 的黑斑烦恼都能改善!

Why SAFETY is a concern in combating dark spots?
Did you used a lot of skin pigmentation products that do not bring result, but damage your skin? Make your skin allergic?

Introduce Ho Modesty's Herbal cream. This is the only face cream in the world, that use 100% mild herbs to treat skin pigmentation without allergic reaction!


You enroll in numerous laser treatments, but it give horrible side effects like :
- Original dark spots become darken.
- New dark spots spread all over the face.


Now, you don't need to waste your money on laser treatment anymore. Say NO to the side effect of making your Melasma / freckles look worst.

Ho Modesty's herbal cream contain herbal essences that can effectively control the formation of dark spots, yet gradually break down sturborn dark patches.


Do you know?
Choosing the wrong solution to treat skin pigmentation will not only causing your skin sensitive, but also make your dark spots more sturborn to remove.

Today, please come and experience the only skin pigmentation herbal cream in the world that is 100% ganranteed will not damage your skin

选择错误的祛斑方法,不但皮肤过敏,还让黑斑更顽固、更难治疗! 今天请马上体验全世界唯一100%不伤害肌肤又有效的祛斑霜!

Our product is :
Easy + Simple + Safe to use
Great result guaranteed

信赖 (精密统计之下设计)

Take photos and compare the before and after using herbal cream! You can see the changes of your skin, notice the dark spots gradually disappear. Our testimonial are real photos taken by our clients from every part of the world. You can see all the photos are not being photo edited. All photos' lighting, angle are realitic and natural.

每个月拍照对比一下,一定可以发现肌肤的蜕变、看到黑斑逐步消退的神奇效果! 照片都是来自世界各地的顾客自行拍摄,角度和光线都是自然、真实、无修图的。

使用者真心话 :
用过很多祛斑产品,都是马上显效的。刚开始,黑斑好像淡了许多,不过使用两三个月后,皮肤突然过敏、冒暗疮、发红刺痛等,再也不能持续下去。停止使用后,黑斑马上变得更明显了。我上网寻找天然的草本祛斑产品时,看到Ho Modesty Consultancy的玉肌霜就决定试一试! Alexander Ho医师让我使用前和每个月拍照观察肌肤的情况,我的过敏问题没有了,肤色均匀了,黑斑不但变淡也慢慢分裂成小块状。我知道自己的黑斑问题已有数十年了,治疗也需要更长时间,请大家也为我打气,大家也加油吧!

Recommended for :
1. Prevention for dark spots
2. Melasma patient
3. Freckle patient
4. Uneven skin tone

推荐给 :
1. 一般美白和预防黑斑的护肤使用者。
2. 黄褐斑问题。
3. 雀斑问题。
4. 肤色不均问题。

The reasons to choose herbal cream
1. A mild, safe, yet effective skin pigmentation cream
Unlike majority of the products in the market that will cause redness (erythema), pimples, thinning skin, dry and flaking.

2. Help you to save a lot of money and time
You don't need to waste your time and money in using products that don't work. Herbal cream will make your skin look better!

3. The only skin pigmentation products that suit all skin types.
Through our research and testing, our herbal cream delivers numerous benefits to your skin, no matter your skin type is dry, normal, oily, combination or even the most sensitive one, this is a great skin pigmentation cream for you.

4. Less is more. One product included all the functions from toner, cream, serum etc.
Apart from treating dark spots, this is a cream that improve dry and rough skin ; inflammation ; dullness ; sagging and wrinkles problem. 

选择产品的理由 :
1. 安全性比较好、无副作用的温和型中药祛斑面霜。

2. 帮助你节省大量时间和金钱。

3. 唯一一种对所有肌肤都适用,恢复个人肌肤最佳状态的祛斑面霜。

The 10 characteristics of Herbal cream
1. Do not cause redness, swelling and pain when treating Melasma or dark patches.

2. Also a great skin care product for preventing dark spots. For people who don't have skin pigmentation issues, this product can uses for normal skin care routine.

3. Contain herbs essences like : Angelica Dahurica, Poria, Typhonium Giganteum, Bletilla Striata, Coix Lacryma-jobi that inhibit the activity of Melanocyte, improve blood circulation, increase the Melanin metabolism to clear off dark spots or patches.

4. Contain herbal fiber, high air permeability, do not clog pores. Long term using will make your skin naturally glow.

5. Do not contain Industrial alcohol. Our product uses Vodka that is natural fermented from cereals to extract the Chinese herbal essences, therefore it can minimize large pores. 

6. Do not contain artificial fragrance, 100% Lavender essential oil used.
Lavender essential oil is suitable for any skin types, it can repair damaged skin and relax your mood. 

7. Do not contain PARABEN (strong preservative in skin care products). Will not cause skin allergic, eczema and Seborrhoeic dermatitis.

8. Do not contain artificial coloring and coal tar. The color of herbal cream is the natural color of Chinese herbs, it is safe and no side effect to your skin.
9. This product select natural wheat germ based emulsion from France. It is non-poisonous and contain high moisturizing effect to skin.
10. Herbal cream's PH level is weak acidic , which is similar to our skin.
This mean it will not causing dryness or damage your skin texture.

产品的10大特征 :
1. 治疗面部黄褐斑等色斑时,不会有泛红、肿大、灼热等刺痛感。

2. 具有祛斑、美白的功效,除了治疗面部黑斑,改善干燥和过敏肌肤之外,

3. 含有美白去斑的中药,如: 白芷、白茯苓、白附子、白芨、薏苡仁等,可以抑制黑色素细胞活性且能促进肌肤的局部血液微循环,加速黑色素的代谢清除,而达到美白淡斑效果。

4. 因含植物纤维素,透气性佳,不阻塞毛孔,长期使用肤色自然健康。

5. 不含工业酒精,使用天然发酵式的小麦酒萃取中药精华,故能使毛孔不粗大。

6. 不含人工香料,使用100巴仙薰衣草香精油调香。

7. 不含羟基苯甲酸酯 (PARABEN)这类强效防腐剂,能避免脂漏性皮肤炎和湿疹问题。

8. 不含人工色素和煤焦油类合成色素,本品淡棕色的乳霜只是中草药天然色素,符合食品卫生标準,安全无毒,无副作用。

9. 使用法国的天然麦胚芽所提炼的乳化剂,具有滋润肌肤、无毒性的优点。

10. 本品与肌肤的弱酸性PH值相同,因此不会使肌肤干燥、也不伤肌肤。

Ho Modesty Consultancy's idea :
We will never follow the others when inventing a good skin pigmentation product. We will not add chemical composition that hurt your skin.

We initiate a main principle in treating Melasma & Freckles , that is to use natural herbs to manage and regenerate beautiful skin.

This kind of simplicity concept in skin care not only can heal dark spots / dark patches, but also will make your soul and your life more liberating.

谦和堂的理念 : 绝对不随波逐流研发产品 ; 绝对不添加伤害肌肤的化学成分。我们倡导的治斑保养法有个大原则,就是用天然中药让肌肤美丽再生。这种极简保养,不只疗愈黑斑,也让心灵和生活都变得自在畅快!

True words from our heart
No matter how great is our product, it is certainly not able to please everyone.

Herbal cream might not suitable for :
1. Those who like to use other skin pigmentation products while at the same time using our herbal cream. The result of treatment will be interrupted.

2. Those who can not accept the fact that damaged skin with serious skin pigmentation condition will need at least 3 months or 6 months to repair.

3. For impatience people who want to see immediate result, we are sorry to inform that our product is not suitable for you.

无论我们的玉肌霜有多少优点,都不可能让所有人百分之百满意。玉肌霜可能不适合以下类型的人 :

1. 使用玉肌霜时,也混合其他护肤品或祛斑药品的人,可能令治斑的效果会变差。

2. 要让肌肤自然修复和祛斑是需要3个月,甚至半年才收效(视情况而定),缺乏耐性、想马上见效的人不适合使用玉肌霜。

Order now :
Step 1 - Browse our website, add "Herbal cream" to cart, fill up an order form and make payment through your paypal account.

Step 2 - Remember to provide your full name, complete address and contact number.

Step 3 - We will send your parcel to you. Normally within 7 to 10 working days, you will receive your order.

Step 1 : 游览 订购玉肌霜 (herbal day cream)。以您的 账户付款。

Step 2 : 提供您的姓名、邮寄地址和联络电话号码。

Step 3 : 我们将用马来西亚快递在 7-10个工作天寄给您。

How to use :
1. After face wash, pump a little bit of Herbal cream on your palm.

2. Apply Herbal cream to your forehead, eyes area, nose, cheek and chin evenly.

3. Massage over the face using light circular motion until the cream completely absorbed into skin.

4. Pump a little bit of Herbal cream and apply lightly to the dark spots area.

* For dry skin condition or season changing period, you can apply more Herbal cream to super-moisturize your skin.

* The invention and design of Herbal cream has already included all the benefits from toner, face cream, lotion, serum or even eyes cream. There is not necessary to buy other products to use with Herbal cream. Any behavior of mixing Herbal cream with other skin pigmentation products might cause allergic reaction or reduce the result.

1. 洁脸后,在手掌心挤出少许玉肌霜。
2. 将玉肌霜点在额头、眼睛四周、鼻子、双颊和下巴上,均匀推开涂抹至全脸。
3. 用指腹轻柔的涂抹,直到没有白色乳霜残留,表示完全吸收。
4. 再挤出少许玉肌霜,轻轻涂抹在斑点处。
* 干性肤质或换季时,可以增加玉肌霜的涂抹量以达到最佳的保湿效果。
* 由于本品的发明已经概括爽肤水、乳霜、精华液等眼霜的用途,除了日用的防晒霜外,不需要另外购买其他护肤品混合使用。自行混合其他护肤品或祛斑药品于玉肌霜可能会使祛斑疗效变差或引起过敏现象。

The 4 advantages :
1. 100% natural herbal formulation, do not contain toxic chemical ingredients.

2. Effectively remove dark spots without causing redness (erythema), pimples, thinning skin, dry and flaking.

3. Simple skin care routine, save time and money.

4. Improve dry, rough, inflammation, sensitive, dull looking, sagging and wrinkles problems while treating your skin pigmentation.

四大好处 :
1. 纸天然中草药配方,不含毒害皮肤的化学成份。
2. 有效祛除斑点,不伤皮肤,不会引起泛红、肿痛、表皮变薄、干燥脱皮等过敏问题。
3. 护肤程序简单化,一瓶玉肌霜搞定一切,省钱又省时间。
4. 除了祛除黑斑,还能够改善皮肤干燥、粗糙、发炎、过敏、暗沉、松弛和皱纹问题。

" Today, throw away your skin pigmentation products, try a bottle of Herbal cream, your 99% of dark spots / dark patches will be removed !"

“今天就立即丢掉你的祛斑产品吧,使用一瓶玉肌霜后,99%的黑斑问题都能改善! ”
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