Friday, July 6, 2018

Inquiry about our herbal erection spray

Alex Ho : Hello, Mr Lo, may I know what kind of men health issue bothering you ? May I know how young are u ?

Mr Lo : Sorry. I was busy. I am 51. Tall and exercise regularly. However, I did find my manhood dropping drastically. Sometimes for months no desire to masturbate. If try, no mood and hard to have full erection....i will be honest with u. I am wondering I am ok and whether i need any meaningful treatment...

Alex Ho : I have herbal supplement, it is concentrated powder , you just have to mix with water n drink twice per day , besides that I also have herb spray for increase size and boost erection. You can try both products for one month

Mr Lo : Speaking size, noticed shrunk considerably which I didn't tell u. Have past friends said I was well endowed. Not sure about taking supplement. Does spray help to increase sexual libido?

Alex Ho : You can decided to take both products. The sprays work from external to increase penis blood flow and the supplement heal from inner , such as improve overall health n well being.

Mr Lo : Do u have a lot patient care under you regarding this?

Alex Ho : Yes, I have quite a lot of male patients from different ages , most of them come for the treatment of erection issue n premature ejaculation.

Mr Lo : Success rate?

Alex Ho : I will say up to 80% for 30 days of treatment given.

Mr Lo : After first month then?

Alex Ho : See if you happy with your result or not, some older patient might continue the treatment because of male menopause syndromes make their manhood too weak, they need longer time to see better result.

Mr Lo : Don’t quite understand...?

Alex Ho  : If their health are quite bad , or facing premature aging issue , then we will need to monitoring for 1-3 months.

Alex Ho : Sorry ,I forget to introduce myself , I am a licensed Chinese medicine physician and acupuncturist ,registered under ministry of healthy . Graduated from Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

Mr Lo : Yes, I appreciate that. I only have one so important to me. Where do you get your treatment from? Buddhist concept? I am not religious minded. Just want to be safe.

Alex Ho : It is not from any religion thing , it is traditional Chinese medicine theory. Is our ancestors’ herbal treatment and experiences.

Mr Lo : Ok. Good to hear that. If under your treatment, do u need physical inspection like western doc?

Alex Ho : Not really

Mr Lo : There is no issue here. Examination or not is not my concern. Effectiveness and safe come first. Another question, if under your care, confidentiality guaranteed?

Alex Ho  : Yes, I won’t Leak the information of every one of my patient.

Mr Lo : Some people tell me the erection is proportionate to cardiovascular health. True?

Alex Ho  : Correct!

Mr Lo : Ok. Im not from here even though i have apartment here. Saw your advertisement in Wechat while having afternoon tea with friends.

Alex Ho : I guess as a man, no matter at what ages , we all concern about our erection and libido. Is doesn't mean a person have taken good care of their manhood is a person who is sexually active. The weaknesses in manhood tell a lot of health info about poor blood circulation or early stage of cardiovascular diseases.  Besides that, we are more concern about the self-confidence and pride in ourselves.This is what I learnt from my clients.

Mr Lo : First sexual desire drops. Then sensitivity. Then sperm watery and not thin…… I prefer an open minded physician where u can have trust in.

Alex Ho : When a person grow older ,the blood circulation become poor, male hormone reduced ,the nerve at the penis becomes less sensitive and the testicles seem to produce less sperms and the semen might be watery. Those are signs of aging.

Mr Lo : I agree. Some say massage helps. Any such thing?

Alex Ho : I guess so, but you will need a very professional sexual therapist to do that. Here in Asia ,we don't have that kind of open minded profession.

Mr Lo : Do u think i can try the spray first?

Alex Ho : Yes, you can choose either one.

Mr Lo : Any side effects? How often a day?

Alex Ho : For your info, all herbal products are 100% hand made. The herbal spray contain a little bit of herbs smell. Spray the herbal liquid to shaft of penis and also the head of penis. May sure there are no wound or cut , no inflammation or allergic reaction caused by STD diseases or other skin diseases. Use twice in a day, one time in the morning, another time at night.

Mr Lo : Definitely no STD. I only go for self-indulgence. Does it help in masturbation?

Alex Ho  : It doesn't matter if u have sex partner or just being alone. You can use the spray for maintaining a healthy penis condition.

Mr Lo : I mean increasing sensitivity??

Alex Ho  : You want to make the penis head to be more sensitive ?

Mr Lo : Yes. Does it help?

Alex Ho : You have premature ejaculation  right?

Mr Lo : No. I can 'play' for quite a long time.

Mr Lo : Maybe less sensitive now

Alex Ho : You have a point here, most men experienced the penis losing the sensitivity to stimulation from sex, this is because of the aging process effected the nerves surrounding the penis area. The herbal spray does not particularly enhance sensitivity or reduce sensitivity, the herbs only focus on increase libido, improve blood flow and boost erection.

Mr Lo : So can I can use the spray while playing to increase pleasure and fantasy? Sorry for directness.

Alex Ho : Well, you can.

Mr Lo : Any side effects like skin irritation? If prolonged use...

Alex Ho : No side effect, it is 100% pure herbs ingredients. If you don’t have skin diseases at genital area , no skin allergic , should be ok to use our product.

Mr Lo : No. I just don’t want any problem like some people use Poppers to increase stimulation if You know...In case u r not familiar...poppers is western stimulant...Stiff through nose. Most say increase sexual high...

Alex Ho : Our Chinese herbs are not like those can cause addiction, don’t worry too much.

Mr Lo : Ok, I want a bottle of your herbal spray for erection. Hopefully u can make me proud again of my 'thing'...

Alex Ho  : Ha ha ha I will try my best !

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询问电话Contact number 和 Whatapp : 012-488 3814
Wechat 微信 ID : Ask-Ho
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Friday, May 25, 2018

Iran rose water and skin care effect !

Last month I visited Kashan in Iran. This place is very famous by their herbs and floral water which is produced by ancient evaporation and distillation since thousand years ago. The Iranians mix the herb water, syrup (or honey )and water to create delicious beverage. In Iran, women drink a lot of Damask rose water. Damask rose water helps to balance hormones, reduce stress, rejuvenate aging skin, remove dark spots, prevent heart diseases, treat menstrual pain, regulate period and improve digestion.

During the summer season, you can see a lot of Damask roses in Kashan floral garden, it is a good time for them to create tons of Damask rose water. I heard from my Iran friend, Kashan's rose water not only for making dessert or beverage ,but also export to Europe countries like France to create perfume. I drank the Damask Rose water in Iran, the aroma really soothe the mind and relax the body. I remembered my skin glow and my energy fully recharged after a glass of Damask rose water, it was amazing! You can tried to get some online, not necessary to buy Damask rose water from Iran (if you can't get it in your country) ,there are many countries produce rose water.

Besides making beverage, I usually use floral water for toner. Let's me share with you, the rose water / chamomile water / Lavender water are great choice for Melasma / Freckles skin with sensitive
conditions. Those floral water deep moisturize the skin, you can immediately feel your skin become very soft and it can balance the secretion of sebum that make your skin not too oily and not too dry. In the future, I will add Damask rose essential oil into the Repair Balm to make this product better.

Apart from floral water, Iranian also drink herb water. I remembered the Iranians have more than 20-30 types of Middle East herbs water in their shop, one of my friend Homad said he used to drink Medicago Sativa water to gain weight and he also told me about Willow water, this herb that is good for headache, relief pains and good for calming the brain.

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询问电话Contact number 和 Whatapp : 012-488 3814
Wechat 微信 ID : Ask-Ho
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