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Face Detoxer Pigmentation Supplements

FACE DETOXER – Herbal supplement that reduce dark spot from the inside out

Welcome to the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, my name is Alexander Ho, I am a Chinese herbal doctor, I created FACE DETOXER since 10 years ago. I select the right herbal blends to boost overall beauty from within. This supplement clear up blockages and toxins that cause dark spots by improve energy and blood circulation.
Suitable for :
1. Melasma
2. Freckles
3. Brown patches
4. Dark spots
5. Hyperpigmentation / discoloration
6. Uneven skin tones
The reason for FACE DETOXER :
Along with the aging process, a sluggish metabolic rate and an excess of waste products will inevitably lead to malnourished skin causing dullness, wrinkles and dark spots. With the FACE DETOXER, the skin tone, skin texture and elasticity of skin can be improved by Chinese herbs that constantly nourish the skin, replenishing blood and activating its circulation.
The results of FACE DETOXER :
– Natural skin brightening effect (for face and body)
– Fade off dark spots gradually
– Break down brown patch into smaller pieces
– Keeping skin younger looking
The benefits of FACE DETOXER :
– Relax moods
– Reduce stress
– Regulate hormones
– Slow down aging process
– Better sleep
– Boost energy level
Characteristic of Face Detoxer :
Our herb powder processed based on ancient techniques and completed with modernized equipment to enhance the safety and efficacy of Chinese herbs.
– Only high quality herbs selected
– Free from heavy metal
– Free from Pesticide
– 100% plant & herbs
– Research based formulation
– No animal ingredients
– No preservative added
14 types of Skin pigmentation solutions
We understand treating the root problem first and then balancing the whole body is very important way of curing Melasma and Freckles. Through years of experiences, we created 14 types of Face Detoxer formulations to suit each individual body type and underlying source of imbalance. In TCM theory, we believe although two people with the same Melasma condition will not be treated with the same medicine, because they have different body type and health status (syndromes). And that’s the reason why most of the skin pigmentation supplements do not give promising result.
The Main Ingredients :
(1) Bupleurum Chinensis extracts
(2) Angelica Sinensis extracts
(3) Safflower extracts
(4) Peach Kernel extracts
(5) Salvia extracts
(6) Dried Rehamnnia Root extracts
*** Bupleurum chinensis and Angelica sinensis : contain natural Vitamin E effect, and also a great anti-oxidant to inhibit Tyrosinase activity, reduce the formation of Melanin, improve blood circulation and promote pigment absorption.
Direction :6g each time, twice a day.
1 hour before meal.
Take it with 100 ml warm water.

Caution :
(1) This is a natural health supplement, not medicine for curing diseases.
(2) Always consult your physician before taking any supplements.
(3)  If you are take a few supplements at the same time, please learn the risks and potential benefits, contraindications, and side effects.
(4) This product is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.
(5) Stop this supplement during flu or fever.
(6) Keep out reach of children.
(7) Consume within 3 months after received.

Indication :
Traditionally used to improve skin health.
Helpful tip :
For best result, please use our skin care products together with FACE DETOXER .

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Repair Balm – Extra Moisture Ointment

Be careful ! You skin damaged after Chemical peeling / Bleaching cream / IPL / Laser treatment. Redness, Itching, rashes, irritation, sensitive, peeling…..
– Old spots become difficult to remove.
– New spots forming up quickly.
– Redness, skin peeling off, irritation etc.
Herbal Repair Balm has the functions of increasing skin nutrition, promoting skin growth, strengthening skin elasticity, adjusting the keratinization degree of the stratum corneum, inhibiting the secretion of melanin, reducing the pigmentation of the skin, and enhancing skin functions and preventing skin  aging. In general, this balm has the effect of improving acne, acne, dry skin, allergy, pigmentation, wrinkles etcs.
Introducing a multi-task skin repair balm for :
1. Dry and dehydrated skin
2. Extra sensitive skin
3. Repair scar
4. Melasma / freckle
5. Wrinkle and rough skin
Reason to choose Herbal Repair Balm :
1.Soften skin texture (Make skin softer and smoother)
2.Brightened skin tone (Strong brightening effect)
3.A great moisturizer for damaged skin from peeling, bleaching or laser treatment. (Reduce redness and itchiness, shorten darkening phase)
4.Even skin tone (Prevent pigmentation)
5.Promote skin renewal. (Enhance elasticity and reduce wrinkles.)
6. Gentle moisturizer for extra sensitive skin with acne or oily and combination skin types
7. aim to treat Melasma & Freckles (Break down dark spots / dark patches)
Characteristic of Repair Balm – A Herbal Balm with natural anti-oxidants & Melanin inhibition effect.
1. Do not cloged pores, also work well for combination, oily, acne prone skin.
2. Fight wrinkles, dullness and skin pigmentation at the same time.
3. Long hours of hydrating effect on dry season.
4. Work as sleeping face mask, wake up and feel your skin so smooth, so soft and healthy.
5. Quick absorb & non greasy formulation (with 100%Jojoba oil)
6. Dosage adjustable balm (You can increase or reduce the usage of balm based on weather or skin types)
7. make dry sensitive skin very soft, glowy, and dew.
8. Perfect for face massage routine. Contain slow release moisturizer that moisturize your skin for several hours.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

SP Cream - Herbal Moisturizer to treat Melasma and Freckles

Remove dark spots by Chinese herbs.
Safe, effective and gentle to your skin.

Why SAFETY is a concern in combating dark spots?
Did you used a lot of skin pigmentation products that do not bring result, but damage your skin? Make your skin allergic?Introduce Ho Modesty’s Herbal cream. Our face cream contains mild herbs to treat skin pigmentation without causing allergic reaction!
You enroll in numerous laser treatments, but it give horrible side effects like :
– Original dark spots become darken.
– New dark spots spread all over the face.
Now, you don’t need to waste your money on laser treatment anymore. Say NO to the side effect of making your Melasma / freckles look worst.
Ho Modesty’s herbal cream contain herbal essences that can effectively control the formation of dark spots, yet gradually break down stubborn dark patches.
Do you know?
Choosing the wrong solution to treat skin pigmentation will not only causing your skin sensitive, but also make your dark spots more stubborn to remove.
Today, please come and experience the skin pigmentation herbal cream that is very gentle to your skin.
Our product is :
Easy + Simple + Safe to use
Great result
Recommended for :
1. Prevention for dark spots
2. Melasma patient
3. Freckle patient
4. Uneven skin tone
The 4 reasons to choose Herbal SP Cream
1. A safe & effective skin pigmentation cream, will not cause redness, pimples, thinning skin, dry and flaking.
2.Help you to save a lot of money and time. You don’t need to waste your time and money in using products that don’t work. Herbal SP Cream will make your skin look better!
3.The only skin pigmentation products that suit all skin types.
4. Less is more. One product included all the functions from toner, cream, serum etc. Apart from treating dark spots, this cream
also improve dry and rough skin; dullness; inflammation; sagging and wrinkles.
The 10 reasons to choose herbal cream
1. A mild, safe, yet effective skin pigmentation cream
Unlike majority of the products in the market that will cause redness (erythema), pimples, thinning skin, dry and flaking.
2. Help you to save a lot of money and time
You don’t need to waste your time and money in using products that don’t work. Herbal cream will make your skin look better!
3. The only skin pigmentation products that suit all skin types.
Through our research and testing, our herbal cream delivers numerous benefits to your skin, no matter your skin type is dry, normal, oily, combination or even the most sensitive one, this is a great skin pigmentation cream for you.
4. Less is more. One product included all the functions from toner, cream, serum etc.
Apart from treating dark spots, this is a cream that improve dry and rough skin ; inflammation ; dullness ; sagging and wrinkles problem.
The 10 characteristics of Herbal cream
1. Do not cause redness, swelling and pain when treating Melasma or dark patches.
2. Also a great skin care product for preventing dark spots. For people who don’t have skin pigmentation issues, this product can uses for normal skin care routine.
3. Contain herbs essences like : Angelica Dahurica, Poria, Typhonium Giganteum, Bletilla Striata, Coix Lacryma-jobi that inhibit the activity of Melanocyte, improve blood circulation, increase the Melanin metabolism to clear off dark spots or patches.
4. Contain herbal fiber, high air permeability, do not clog pores. Long term using will make your skin naturally glow.
5. Do not contain Industrial alcohol. Our product uses Vodka that is natural fermented from cereals to extract the Chinese herbal essences, therefore it can minimize large pores.
6. Do not contain artificial fragrance, 100% Lavender essential oil used.
Lavender essential oil is suitable for any skin types, it can repair damaged skin and relax your mood.
7. Do not contain PARABEN (strong preservative in skin care products). Will not cause skin allergic, eczema and Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
8. Do not contain artificial coloring and coal tar. The color of herbal cream is the natural color of Chinese herbs, it is safe and no side effect to your skin.
9. This product select natural wheat germ based emulsion from France. It is non-poisonous and contain high moisturizing effect to skin.
10. Herbal cream’s PH level is weak acidic , which is similar to our skin.
This mean it will not causing dryness or damage your skin texture.
Ho Modesty Consultancy’s idea :
We will never follow the others when inventing a good skin pigmentation product. We will not add chemical composition that hurt your skin. We initiate a main principle in treating Melasma & Freckles , that is to use natural herbs to manage and regenerate beautiful skin. This kind of simplicity concept in skin care not only can heal dark spots / dark patches, but also will make your soul and your life more liberating.
True words from our heart
No matter how great is our product, it is certainly not able to please everyone.
Herbal cream might not suitable for :
1. Those who like to use other skin pigmentation products while at the same time using our herbal cream. The result of treatment will be interrupted.
2. Those who can not accept the fact that damaged skin with serious skin pigmentation condition will need at least 3 months or 6 months to repair.
3. For impatience people who want to see immediate result, we are sorry to inform that our product is not suitable for you.
How to use :
1. After face wash, pump a little bit of Herbal cream on your palm.
2. Apply Herbal cream to your forehead, eyes area, nose, cheek and chin evenly.
3. Massage over the face using light circular motion until the cream completely absorbed into skin.
4. Pump a little bit of Herbal cream and apply lightly to the dark spots area.
* For dry skin condition or season changing period, you can apply more Herbal cream to super-moisturize your skin.
* The invention and design of Herbal cream has already included all the benefits from toner, face cream, lotion, serum or even eyes cream. There is not necessary to buy other products to use with Herbal cream. Any behavior of mixing Herbal cream with other skin pigmentation products might cause allergic reaction or reduce the result.
The 4 advantages :
1. 100% natural herbal formulation, do not contain toxic chemical ingredients.
2. Effectively remove dark spots without causing redness (erythema), pimples, thinning skin, dry and flaking.
3. Simple skin care routine, save time and money.
4. Improve dry, rough, inflammation, sensitive, dull looking, sagging and wrinkles problems while treating your skin pigmentation.
” Today, throw away your skin pigmentation products, try a bottle of Herbal cream, your 99% of dark spots / dark patches will be removed !”
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